Med in Italy: the house of the future

Med in Italy is a green house who self produces three times the energy it needs and consumes ten times less than traditional houses, and who will compete in the next September at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 – the international competition of sustainable architecture.

The project is implemented by a team of teachers and students of various Italian Universities and is inspired by the Mediterranean tradition of housing. Many ingenious devices like the walls built with wooden structures, the outdoor patio where grown fruits and vegetables, and the photovoltaic roof limit excursion temperature between night and day, maintaining an intermediate temperature within the building.

The components of Med in Italy are ready in less than 4 days, so that the house is also suitable for responding to an emergency like an earthquake.

Un appello per salvare Med in Italy from MedinItaly on Vimeo.

In addition to the support of partners who have decided to fund the project, Med in Italy also needs a final funding to be finished!

Help us to build the innovative and environmentally house of the future. Your contribute will help the designers team to bring the full-scale prototype of the house to Madrid and to continue testing it.

Help Us, Support the Italian sustainable innovation!

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