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Copacabana Promenade, Rio De Janeiro, Roberto Burle Marx, Brasil

Few years ago when I was a student yet, my professor of city planning told us about his dear friend who had recently died, his friend was a brasilian landscape architect called Roberto Burle Marx.
My professor knew him when he wrote a book about the beautiful gardens designed by him.

Truly I witnessed a wonderful lesson and I saw the gardens so beautiful and so loved by the Brazilian people. One in particular struck my attention, not because it was more beautiful than others, because they were all beautiful, but because I had already seen it but I didn’t remember where.
I was particularly impressed by the Copacabana Promenade in Rio De Janeiro where there is a pavement landscape in large scale (4 kilometres long).
It was completed in 1970 and has used a black and white Portuguese pavement design since its origin in the 1930s: a geometric wave.

Copacabana Promenade, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

Where did I see it?
I dug into my memory when I was a kid and I watched many cartoons … and I finally remembered where.
I saw it in the 6th animated feature produced by Walt Disney called Saludos Amigos, in the 4th segment Aquarela do Brasil (or “Watercolor of Brazil”) where a brand-new character, José Carioca, showed Donald Duck around South America and introduced him to the samba.

Copacabana Promenade, Portuguese Pavement